Welcome to our fashion blog!

Julia and Rachael here! Our blog is centered around fashion, where we will discuss clothing reviews, brands, personal opinion and popular trends. We are high school students who find joy in shopping and hope to use our blog to pursue our passions of fashion as well as writing. Our goal is for people to find […]

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The Pros and Cons of Chenille

Chenille is a French word meaning “caterpillar,” and it is growing in popularity thanks to its velvety touch. Despite the luxurious feeling of a chenille sweater against your skin, the material is extremely fragile. Recently, my mom purchased this adorable fall-colored chenille sweater – on sale of course. When it was shipped to her, however, […]

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Teenage Clones

As a high school senior at a public school in 2019, I have the freedom to express myself through fashion in almost anyway possible. Despite the minimal dress code, which I still struggle to abide by, my wardrobe can be as extravagant or as minimalistic as I choose. However, this stylistic accessibility has a limiting […]

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I went to the LA Fashion District

The Los Angeles Fashion District reminded me of New York; the narrow streets were crowded with people smoking weed and food vendors selling hot dogs and cups of fruit for $6 each. Each store pretty much sold the same trendy clothes, meaning I saw snakeskin everywhere. Many of the shops also sold wedding/bridesmaid and formal […]

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